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Did you stop here to see how we began?

Well, what we say is, "This isn't a plan we had. We didn't plan for this. This isn't something we dreamed of." We cook. We cater. We smoke/grill/barbecue food! Of course we make our sauces, BUT THIS...This business was birthed at the Voice of God and out of obedience to Him! God ALWAYS has a plan and it may often differ from our own. Just TRUST HIM.

How we started...

Soooo, even though we felt like we were preparing for other ventures in life, when God spoke, we obeyed. The salad you see atop this page, on our home page, on our social media, on our cards, etc. is the salad that started our business! It has layers underneath what you see too.

When this salad was posted on Facebook in April 2017, the calls started coming in! "Where do I get a salad?" I want a salad like that!" etc. are a couple of the things we heard.  Since we didn't have a plan, we noticed how God begin to deposit into one of the owners what to do, when, and how things would be done.

At Salads On Demand, we make custom salads.  These are salads where we have a set menu of options and each guest chooses what makes a "GOOD Salad" taste good! When we offer the salad for serving, each one is served in an individual 8" x 8" carry-out plate, and the guest's chosen ingredients are neatly placed on a bed of foundation and not tossed or dressed! However, anyone can pre-order a Chicken Salad Sandwich (spread), Potato Salad, Pasta Salad, etc.

Before Summer 2017, concluded, we added dressings made from scratch! The addition of homemade dressings complimented our salads perfectly! These days, we continue to make our dressings in-store.  We don't take a lot of shortcuts around here. We like to share what we ENJOY in our home with our guests! We make our tartar sauce, cut our cabbage for our coleslaw, and make a "coleslaw dressing" to toss it in. We cut potatoes to fry for our signature fries. As a result of the choices we have made for our business, preparing a salad, fish, and its accompaniments do take a little more time. And we wouldn't change it!

We have taken so much pride in what we do and we realize our salads differ in taste; but that God has anointed and gifted us to do this! He has chosen us to share with the world His work through us!

Because this "business" was birthed at the Voice of God, we continue to seek God, ask God to permeate this atmosphere as we do all we can to make the atmosphere and experience conducive for people to enjoy a filling and lite salad, but to also experience deliverance, restoration, break-through, to even learn of God and get to know Him! What we do here, is ministry! Yes, come get yourself a "REAL GOOD Salad", but leave differently than when you arrived.


And after you leave, if you so desire, please leave Salads On Demand a review on TripAdvisor, Google, Yelp, etc. and please share us with people you know as well as with local social media groups so others from around the world will know of us.

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