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Custom Salads|HOMEMADE Dressings|REAL Fruit Sweet Teas

Salads On Demand

Salads On Demand's Original Salad

Monday - Saturday, YOU create YOUR perfect salad with what YOU desire and pair it with one of our house-made dressings!


On Thursday through Saturday, you have the option to add to your experience, a fried catfish sandwich or our Loaded Catfish, a fried whiting fish sandwich, and a la carte, our house-made coleslaw, and our signature fries.


Picture of Salads On Demand's 2137 NW Broad Street, Murfreesboro, TN, USA location

How "it" works...

We absolutely LOVE when we want a REAL GOOD salad and don't have to put it together! We believe our guests could possibly feel the same.


So, Monday - Saturday we provide a plethora of salad options, you tell us what you want from the options we have available, and we make the salad for you and pair it with ONE of our house-made flavorful dressings of your choice.

There are no assorted-size salads. Each custom salad comes in a square 8" x 8" plate at a flat rate, not weighed, but it also is not charged per ounce or topping, yet is evenly proportioned! Build an online order and see the total cost of your order before you pay online.

Thursday - Saturday we fry catfish and we fry whiting fish as well as hand-cut fries, make house-made tartar sauce, and extremely flavorful, house-made coleslaw. 

Salads On Demand's Fried Whiting Fish Sandwich and Signature Fries
Assorted Fresh Fruits

Our REAL Fruit Sweet Teas

When WE say "Real Fruit" Sweet Teas...

At Salads On Demand, we pride ourselves on cutting fruits to put into our teas, then allowing them flavor our teas for a minimum of 48 hours before they are available.  When sipping our teas, you taste FRUIT!

We encourage our first-time orderers to purchase at least one bottle while they last. They sell out often and space is very limited! You may want to pre-order, or purchase, the half gallon next time.


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