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Here are some of our most commonly asked questions, followed by the answers to them!  Maybe this will give you a little understanding of the way we currently receive and fulfill orders. If not, please, please reach out to us!


Q) "What time do you close?"

A) Our hours are 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. Monday - Saturday. Occasionally there has been a time, or more, we had to suddenly close without notice. That does not happen often; but is possible.

Any foreknown closures are posted on our website, sent to our Salad Subscribers, and posted on our entrance door.

Q) "What comes on a custom salad?"

     A) The good thing about Salads On Demand Custom Salads is that they come exactly as you want, with what we offer! See what we offer & order here.

Q) "That's all you have, just salad?"

A) Monday - Saturday from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. we customize salads to our customer's desire from the options we have available.

In store, we do offer fried Catfish (NOT swai!) and/or Whiting Fish sandwiches and a Loaded Catfish on Saturdays ONLY. 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Fish is NOT available for online purchase or through third party apps.

Q) "Which dressing do y'all make? What's the LOWEST calorie dressing you have? Which dressing doesn't have sugar?"

A) We make EVERY dressing we offer! At this time, we do not have any nutritional information to provide. Anyone looking for a "sugar-free" or any type "sweetener-free" option, can enjoy our homemade ranch dressing.

Q) Can you mix my dressing?"

A) We do not mix any combination of dressing offerings. If you want to blend dressings, you will need to request and pay for "extra dressing".

Q) "Can I just buy the dressing by itself?"

A) At this time, Salads On Demand dressings are not available for purchase. Become a Salad Subscriber and know if this time should arise!

Q) "Do you put the dressing ON my salad or is it on the side?"

A) We do not put any dressing on any salad.

All of our dressings are prepared to come on the side.  Your dressing will be placed inside your bag of salad, on top of your salad.

Q) "How big is the salad? Do you just have one size?"

A) Yes, we do only have one size salad.

Each salad is crafted in a clear "carry-out plate" (unless there has been a change which is subject to take place without notice).

The size is ± 8" x 8". 

We DO NOT offer "kids size/portion".

Q) "Do you cater?"

A) Yes, we do offer catering!

Please call 615.784.3998 for more details and to place your order.



Q) "On the website, how do I change my pick up time?

     A) Salads On Demand offers PICK UP ONLY from 2137 NW Broad Street in Murfreesboro, TN, 37129.  Once the payment is complete, the order is immediately input for fulfillment.  Orders input on our website, or via phone, or on any platform are unavailable for specific time selection. The order(s) will be fulfilled in the order received.

Q) "I have allergies. Can you make sure I don't have ______ on my salad?"

     A) While Salads On Demand takes every precaution possible to ensure you have what you desire; we urge you to know all of our salads/dressings may contain, do contain, or come in contact with assorted nuts, dairy, AND other possible allergens.  Please handle and consume mindful of this knowledge and at your own risks OR refrain from consumption/handling.  We do wipe down in between jobs, please know there is likely cross contact amongst the surfaces.

Q) "Do you have any gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan/vegetarian, or nut free dressings?"

A) Salads On Demand does not guarantee, or express, any of our products to meet any specific dietary guidelines. Please consult your licensed physician, registered dietician, nutritionist, or other licensed professional. 

Q) "I forgot to put something on my salad! I never picked up my salad.  Can I get a refund?"

A) There are NO REFUNDS and NO REMAKES due to you not adding, or accidentally adding a particular item(s), or dressing(s) to your order or due to late arrival for picking up your order.

You are welcome to purchase another order. 

Q) "My order was missing something(s). My order was not as fresh when I picked it up.  Will you remake it? Can I get a refund?"

A) When your order is placed on the counter at pick up, it is our policy you "Please check EACH SALAD to ensure each salad has what you requested on it." This is the time to notify us of any missing item(s) that were ordered.  If the item(s) was not ordered and the salad is complete, we cannot add it to your salad, neither is it available "on the side". 


Q) "Can I just cash app you? What's your cash tag?"

     A) Salads On Demand conveniently offers payment via the "Order Now" tab, over the phone, or if an invoice has been submitted to you, payment is payable via invoice link. Salads On Demand does not have a cash app account/cash tag.  Please utilize the "Order Now" tab, call in your order, or click the payment link that is emailed to you via invoice to your email address to process your payment.

Q) "I have followed the steps for contact and have not received a response."

     A) Salads On Demand personnel responds to calls and messages sometime within our business hours, and just before beginning or leaving for the day.  Any calls, messages, requests, etc. received after this time will receive a response upon resuming business.

​​Q) "What costs extra?"

     A) When a custom salad is ordered from Salads On Demand, any extra item (inclusive of food items and nonfood items such as plates, forks, etc.) and each extra dressing is an additional cost PER ITEM EXTRA  If you do not pay for an item to be extra, you will not receive it.  This information is also detailed as you place your order from our tab which says, "Order Now".

You are able to see your total costs prior to submitting an order. Remember, to ensure YOUR REAL GOOD SALAD, perfect for you, we do ask you to craft each salad in its entirety before you add another/move to the next.

Q) "I commented/messaged you on Facebook/Instagram, "I want a salad./Can I order a salad?" and I didn't get a response or my salad."

     A) Thank you for reaching out to us on social media! However, we do not accept orders, requests, or payments via social media. 

To place an order, please view our "Order Now" tab and select the options of your choosing, then prepare TO PICK UP FROM 2137 NW Broad Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37129, or utilize one of the delivery platforms of UberEats, Postmates, Door Dash, or any of their affiliates.

Q) "I sent you a message on Facebook/Instagram about my order..."

     A) Thank you! Please know any concerns you have, or matters that need to be addressed, we are willing to hear. However, we do not handle these matters online. Please call at 615.784.3998 Monday - Saturday from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

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