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 How WE "Filled Up"........

OUR Start



Salads On Demand is a spontaneous vision, given by God, to one of our owners in April 2017.  At the time, the salad (pictured here) in the black bowl, with the red inside, on the blue tablecloth, is what drew people in! One picture.  One announcement via the world-famous social media and the calls begin rolling in!

God gave the vision and the owners paired their love for feeding people plenty with their desire for "A REAL GOOD Salad".  The intent was for people to have a really good salad, filling (where it's not a bunch of greens, two tomatoes, one cucumber, and five olives, with a snap of dressing like....well, other places), at a reasonable price, with a plethora of salad options to ensure guests would enjoy what they wanted in a salad.  The intent was never to have a salad of mostly greens unless that's what you like, but to FINALLY eat a salad and be fulfilled! Our custom salads are filled based on the options available and paired with guest's choice of our homemade dressing.

Salads On Demand began with our family of five and lots of love! We face many challenges, often closing due to having no other employees, fulfilling prior obligations, and taking care of our family.  BUT GOD has been faithful! As people begin to hear of Salads On Demand, they have been very patient and very supportive to give us another chance.

We took time to refocus, regroup, and remind ourselves of the purpose and the vision God gave.  With God, the people He sends, His strength, plus our obedience, we will continue and grow further.

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